Operating Room Team Members Nursing Lecture

This nursing lecture contains an introduction to the different Operating Room Team members. The .sterile team members work aseptically and the non-sterile team members avoid contaminating the sterile field

    • Anesthesia Provider
    • Administers anesthetics
    • CNRA
    • Oversees the PACU
    • CPR
    • Pain therapy
    • consultants
    • Monitors and coordinates activity within the room
    • Controls physical and emotional atmosphere
    • Application of nursing process
    • Creation and maintenance of safe and comfortable environment
    • Provision of assistance
    • Identification of any potential danger/stress
    • Surgeon
    • First Assistant
    • Visibility of SS
    • Close wounds
    • Apply dressing
    • Handles tissue
    • Uses instruments
    • Scrub Person
    • Maintains integrity of
    • Sterile field
    • May be an RN, LPN/
    • LVN or an ST

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