Cardiology Nursing - 3 Min EKG Interpretation

Cardiology - The Study of the Heart

One of my favorite subjects in nursing is Cardiology. The study of the heart has been one of the reasons I've wanted to become a nurse.

Understanding the physiology of the heart is critical when providing nursing care. There are many signs and symptoms that are exclusive to heart disease, but there are also signs and symptoms that are similar to other diseases.

An example would be aortic aneurysm and heart attack. These 2 conditions might have similar patient symptoms. Complete assessment of the patient is very important to help distinguish between the two.

Most often, patients that are suspected to have a Heart disease are subjected to EKG or ECG testing. ECG means electrocardiograph.It is a non-invasive diagnostic test to determine various heart abnormalities like myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, and numerous other heart ailments.

Here's a 3 Min EKG video that can help you understand this diagnostic test better.

Another video about Mitral Valve Stenosis. This is a valvular disease where the Mitral Valve is not functioning properly causing regurgitation of blood to the previous heart chambers. Watch the video below:

And a comprehensive slide on Cardiology.

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